The Awe: Alicia Myers

As I am listening to “I Found Love At A Disco” by Alicia Myers, I think of all the great songs this women has been sampled in. Even more so, I think about how she changed lives with all the great originals she’s spawned in her lifetime. I first found Myers through a song named “Thank You” by the one and only Busta Rhymes. The song features Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Q Tip, but really it’s a song between Tip and Bus. The song is INSANE, and I mean insane as in pure maniacal genius. Bus’ and Tip’s flow is like liquid smooth swag dripping over the bathroom counter. Their words roll off the tongue like butter.

The sample they used in order to make the track was equally as beautiful as their raps, so I ended up finding it through Who Sampled Who. The track is entitled “I Want To Thank You” by Alicia Myers (Hence why Bus’ track is called “Thank You”). Myers’ song is one of the most heavenly songs in the world. I can feel the joy crawling from the heart to my finger tips. I seriously sing at the top of my lungs when this song plays on my Galaxy S7, provided I’m all alone in my house. After finding this track, I instantly grabbed as many of her records as I could, which were only 3 out of her 5 albums out currently. Each album is as good as the first; the 80’s funk instrumentation in each song are enough to set me off into a blissed state. The emotion Myers let’s out is unreal and pushes me even further into a personal Nirvana.

Finally, as months without listening to Alicia passed, DJ Rashad, one of the most influential artists in my life, sampled “You Get The Best From Me (Say Say Say)”. His track “Cause I Know U Feel (Feat. Gant-Man)” samples said Myers track, and it’s such a great usage of the sample. He essentially makes a footwork edit/remix of the track. The song is hypnotic, fast, and ghetto, which is what I love about Juke and Footwork. (If you don’t know what Footwork or Juke is, I suggest you look up Teklife and RP Boo and start listening.) All writing aside, just listen to the track, you will see what I mean.

And so here I am, lost in the Alicia Myers sauce, never to return. I truly hope someone loses themselves as well. A playlist of my Alicia Essentials and material she is sampled on will be posted on Spotify and YouTube.


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