Ammunition: Patronen

In search of some proper Electro, emerges Patronen from the depths of the internet. Keeping his identity a secret, not much is known about this mysterious artist except for the few words Alex Stark, label head of Fundamental Records, has shared from a string of emails prior to his first release Patronen A. Concerning their take on music, Stark and Patronen shared similar views that “nothing is more important than the music, it doesn’t matter who is behind it and the name and the face even less so.

Patronen A|B and possibly C|D are a collection of tapes made somewhere within the 1990-1994 time frame. Close to never being heard, the tapes were a month away from being locked up forever in a storage unit somewhere. Yet after 2 decades, Patronen feels this “music is more than ever relatable with the state of current electronic music and information exchange.”

In a state of over saturation and mediocrity, the current music scene is sometimes blessed with art that supersedes time and space. Covering a wide range of emotional triggers and sonic elements, Patronen A|B are sonic experiments dealing with isolation and technology. Taking cues from detroit electro contemporaries, Patronen paints a dark yet hopeful landscape with raw synths and drum machines.

Zukunft Flug greets us with an arpeggiated synth from space. Given contrast through the drawn out chords and fuzzy bassline, this is an excellent example of what Patronen is fully capable of. Gallimathias is a frenetic acid jam consisting of an ever evolving bassline. Schlaf being a slower dreamlike piece sharing similarities to early south german ambient electro. My personal favorite, Herbst Hymne, is a humanistic experience. German for Autumn Anthem, it speaks of decay and longing for life. Right from the start you’re trusted into mix with hot high hats and stained chords. Developing into something grand, a sweeping arpeggio whisks you away while the rest of the track keeps you grounded.

A fine collection of music dealing with complex themes even more so relevant today.

Patronen A|B


Patronen C|D


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