Minimal On My Mind

Good morning everyone! Rise and shine and smell the minimal techno. Yes that’s right, today I will briefly go into minimal techno for those who are just getting into minimal. It is a very big thing to talk about so I will narrow it down to my favorite minimal artists; the one’s who I think are the best of the best in terms of minimal.

Firstly, I’d like to talk about Studio 1, who is in fact Wolfgang Voigt, a prodigious producer who releases material under varies aliases such as Gas, Mint, and Love Inc. This man is serious business, he’s the man with the only plan. And the end goal for his plan is to just be badass. That’s basically what all his music sounds like, at least to the extent that I have gone (he has a lot of music, and I mean a lot). With his Studio 1 releases, Voigt released each song as a different color. Each song has perfectly characterized each color in my opinion. For example, “Red” or “Rot”, as it is said in his native tongue (which is German), has a very aggressive tone to it. I don’t mean aggressive in the angry sense I mean it in a kinky kind of way. A way way where you can be as freaky as you want in a bed room or a dance floor. “Red” is very sexual, at least it is to me.  Take a listen and I’m sure we will share similar thoughts. “Rose” or “Rosa” is my personal favorite, because it feels like a drummer and bassist are jamming to the same loop for over 6 minutes. There are quite a few versions of “Rose”, so to make things clear, I am referring to the “Rose” on the Studio 1 Album. To me it pushes the idea of minimal in a live kind of way. “Rose” has the ability of getting you lost in the beat, especially when the hi-hats are sprinkling at your ear drum like droplets of water. It’s also a great cool down jam. Try it after you have partied all night and into the morning, you will see what I’m saying.

Voigt as Studio 1 brings something very simplistic and hypnotic to minimal. He pushes the idea of minimalism through the use of song structure. Most of the time, his tracks feel like they end the same way they start. For the most part this is true, but very small subtleties in between make the song worth hearing for 9 minutes. The perfection of the loop also makes his songs repeatable; the bass, oh the bass, rumbles through your body as if it were a force of holy nature cleansing and preparing you for the party to come.

Secondly I’d like to talk about Sistol, who was born with the name Sasu Ripatti. Ripatti is very commonly known as Vladislav Delay, Luomo and other forms. In some ways, Sistol pushed the minimal sound a little bit further. He pushed it passed a club aspect. In other ways, Sistol kept minimal in the club for those searching for really repetitive micro minimal sound.  “Hajotus” by Mr. Ripatti is extremely repetitive and has a tight bass that can keep the body swaying for nearly 7 minutes to no end. I picture this track playing in a club that’s dimly lit. This hypothetic club is lawless and allows you to explore whichever desire fits you. On the Other hand, “Kotka” begins in a very similar dirty club vibe that progresses into something beyond the club. Somewhere around 3 minutes the song begins evolving into something thought provoking. Sistol’s composition puts me in a state of ponder; I am somewhere lost in my thoughts questioning if I will ever leave or if I even want to leave. The sound in this track is just so beautiful and tranquil. There’s so much to say about the songs on here, but frankly, it is better to just listen to the tracks and enjoy them for yourselves.

Minimal itself takes vast forms, like Robert Hood in his song “Internal Empire”, focuses on a minimal use of instruments and effects. Most of the time there is usually one instrument sequence and one drum machine ferociously playing to the beat. The track uses minimalism to create a driving energy into Hood’s creations. Plastikman’s “Psykik” is another example on how a different use of minimalism is approached. There are only 3 instruments playing the entire 5 minutes and 50 Seconds. The kick drum and acid bass line play along the entire track in the dirtiest possible way, while still maintaining a minimal aspect.

Anyway, I think I’ve exhausted my writing for the day, so I will have to cut this article short. I have posted a small playlist of my favorite minimal so far. I think that I will probably post another article later on when I discover more awesome minimal so stay tuned! Note that a lot of this stuff is not on Spotify or Youtube, so you will have to find different ways of exploring this kind of music.


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