Stiltz Selection

Today I’d like to talk about my favorite Baba Stiltz song so far, “Cherry”, which came out on the label UTTU. First off, the composition is exceptionally off the charts. I mean the track has a super 90s poppy house vibe to it that really resonates with me somehow. In my mind this track was made to be played in the middle of a party when things are about get loony. “Cherry” is that transition to acid house intensity. Well, that’s how I would play this track, anyway.

The piano riff really takes me away into the days of when I first entered the club at the tender age of 16 years. Those days were glorious because I knew nothing of the club culture, and to me, this world was so elated and full of mystery. A mystery I hope many get to experience once in there lives. Then come the strings in a very expected manner. Some would consider this as a cliche, I consider it as a necessary evil because this semi cliche section really puts me in a space lost in euphoria. The kind of euphoria that feels like infinity but only lasts a moment. This said state of euphoria holds a special place in my heart.

The way his beats constantly cut off, change, and keep grooving keep me glued. “Cherry” starts off with a basic kick and high hat loop, but is spiced up with another, more subby, kick drum. Sometimes Stiltz takes off the kick, other times he’ll remove the clap and then reintroduce it to keep a fresh disco vibe. This is the kind of variety that isn’t in a lot of house tracks because most house is very loop based, which is a reason why I’ve grown to love this song. Ahh this song is just so fucking good that I can’t help but sway my shoulders and bob my neck side to side as I’m writing this! Towards the end, there’s a little piano melody that gradually gets out of tune, but returns into it’s original state to harmonize with the piano riff. This is the only part I wished lasted a little bit longer, because the melody rides this funky soothing wave I want to be in for just 15 more seconds, no more or less.

This is why “Cherry” is my gladiatorial champion out of all the other Baba Stiltz contenders. Albeit, “Keep It Lit” is damn near close to being the victor because that song is just damn good; Good like a cruise through the Autobahn. The near 8 minute loop is just so hypnotic, you could keep listening until the end of time. Legowelt’s “Cherry” remix is also a pretty fire track. His take on “Cherry” has a more hypnotic and synthy vibe to it. Legowelts take on “Cherry” makes me want to bike ride on a sunny day non stop until I get a flat. That’s a great feeling to have, incase you were wondering.

Make sure to Check out the Cherry EP on UTTU’s Bandcamp site. I’ll link it below. Sadly, if you were looking to get the record on wax, it’s are completely sold out, partly because I bought the last copy, but I’m sure there’s more lying around somewhere in the universe. Cheers and I hope you all have a very cherry Wednesday!

-Sebastian O.



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