Howdy, Sebastian here, today I feel like writing about Footwork. I don’t mean Chicago Footwork, I am actually referring to the Finnish variety. That’s right, although Footwork originated in Chicago (RIP DJ Rashad), it is now being reinterpreted all across the globe. The Finnish (arguably, legendary) producer, Sasu Ripatti, has now gotten his holy hands on it and made something quite chic.

“#39” starts off pretty intense with a deep and energetic kick, hi hats and vocal snippet. My first reaction to this is wow, I’m headed to bangerland, where the clubs and heads of every citizen are always banging. And while this song is being played, each banging head is beating differently. The track later softens up with some pads as they fade in and make banging heads sway. I fell in love with this track the first time I heard it. “#39” is an impeccable mixture of banging footwork and hypnotic feels. Towards the end, there’s even a small amount of an RnB feel to it as there are small vocal snippets of “ow” and “chu” tickling throughout. Ripatti just really knows how to take a track, shape it, reshape it, an reshape it once more. The entire composition is 11 minutes, but has something new coming in as the minutes count down; to me, this is entirely, utterly, outrageously, beautiful.

“#24” starts off just as deep and driving as “#39”, except “#24” is a lot more intense. The song just has a lot of emphasis on the beat itself. Instruments in congruence to the beat come and go, leaving a sense of variation and excitement to the ear. Every time a new section is introduced I’m sucked back into Hotel Bang, room number “24”. I then forget who I am for an allotted undefinable amount of time. It’s sometimes hard to believe that a Finnish producer created this. But then I remember that Ripatti is responsible for Vladislav Delay, Sistol, and more; Sasu Ripatti is not just a Finnish producer, he is a prodigious creation from an unknown source, meant to push and redesign musical concepts; A Demigod amongst mortal, flawed men. While this sounds a bit exaggerated, I assure you, this is no exaggeration. Mr. Ripatti is seriously that good. The sufficient amount of proof is in “#24”, a song that evolves from an explosive form of a banger into another, and into another. In essence, the variation in “#24” is diverse enough to keep me entertained for 8 minutes and 35 seconds. This style of reformation and evolution is seen rarely. Not to mention, Mr. Ripatti’s composition, “Huone”, under his Vladislav Delay moniker does the exact same thing, but in a 22 minute format (yeah, I know, he’s fucking crazy).

Sasu Ripatti, “The Master of Time and Variation”, has proven himself with countless monikers of his thinking. Now, in the wake and immersion of Chicago Footwork, he has risen once again to put his spin on the genre. Putting his spin on genres is one of Ripatti’s specialties, and I cannot wait for his coming releases. I will link his EP on Spotify and Youtube. Check it out! I think he’s already on his 7th release since 2013. The music is way to good to pass up on. If you are feeling frisky, I say you purchase RIpatti01, because this is one EP for the ages.

-Sebastian O.




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