Octo Octa’s “Granite House”

Salutations from the Bay Area! I thought I’d write a little something about one of Maya Bouldry-Morrison’s, more commonly known as Octo Octa, tracks entitled “Granite House”, which I think describes a feeling of sadness, but a sadness you want to feel over and over because it’s a unique feeling to have. Octo Octa’s composition starts off with a pad looping in a poppy sort of way, followed by pianos and vocals mimicking the pad’s progression. I love how all the instruments in the song accentuate the main melody. Each instrument sequence repeats but there is always a little embellishment that maintains spice throughout; sometimes Morrison takes off the kick or snare, other times she raises the notes of the vocals to the next octave. To me, this main loop drives my head and shoulders in a swaying motion. I get so lost in this song that I never really want to leave. And the thought of this song ending brings upon me a pair of watery eyes ready to drip. “Granite House” is just so sonically diverse it hurts. It’s like a stinging sensation that travels from my neck into the bones of my fingertips. It hurts because the composition is of the melancholic manor, but the pain is something I love to feel.

“Granite House” is a great track that comes from an equally great compilation, “LI$003”, by the Low Income $quad, a collective and label from Croatia. If you get a chance, listen to this comp. “LI$003” is filled with a range of lofi, trance-tech, and deep house goodness. Yeah, it’s pretty out there. All the more reason for you to take a listen. I will post the link to their bandcamp where you can listen to it’s entirety, which includes Octo Octa’s masterpiece. Don’t forget to purchase if you really like the compilation!



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