The Quebec Shuffle

As I slowly descend into the minimal sound that is not filled with white noise shower effects, I feel myself leaning more and more towards a micro house kind of feel towards minimal. The sounds seem as if they were carefully sound designed and brought up; clicking subtle pops tip toeing into the curious ear drum. What I enjoy most about songs such as Pantytec’s Remix of “Quebec Shuffle” by Akufen is that it brings a different atmosphere to the house and techno aesthetic.

There is a raw aesthetic in the “Quebec Shuffle” Remix like in many techno and house songs, but the elements are altered in a way that sets the composition apart. Elements such as the kick is more muted, meaning it is less punchy, while still maintaining a bumping kind of vibe. As usual, the bass runs the low end of things, which adds to the raw and heavy personality this track has. There are little pops in the mix that, to me, represent the snare. These pops in Pantytec’s Remix entice my ear in such a way that I can never listen to a snare drum again and be impressed, because Pantytec is finding a different way to insinuate the snare by using or altering a different sound. The alteration, to me, is so powerful, because it is executed tastefully and gets me lost in a bobbing head motion kind of way. The claps themselves are rolled off the top, meaning they contain some high end frequency range but not enough to call attention to it. In other words, the groove is kept and no energy is lost when the claps are muted.

Conclusively, you get the idea, Pantytec made a great remix of an already great song! The beat itself is perfect mixture of funky and groovy; a mad scientist’s perfect mixture and equation of how to make a person lose their shit in 5 minutes is what the “Quebec Shuffle” Remix really is. The song is what a perfect mixture of energy, sonic quality, and subtlety look like. I will post the track to this on YouTube (sorry, no Spotify because it doesn’t exist on there). Be sure to check out the other tracks on Akufen’s record Quebec Nightclub, they are mental!

-Sebastian O.


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